Established in 1916, Crankshaft Machine Company is known for building high quality, rough end crankshaft and camshaft machine tools. Crankshaft’s equipment is used around the globe in automotive and various other machining industries. In 1983, Crankshaft Machine Company purchased the assets of Universal Vise and Tool which included Swisher Finishing Systems – a line of precision grinding equipment and Lindberg cylinders. In 1987, Crankshaft Machine Company was acquired by AVIS Industrial Corporation based in Upland, Indiana. The four business units that comprise the Crankshaft Machine Group Include Lindberg cylinder, Swisher Finishing Systems, US Broach Machine and US Broach tooling.

As a full service provider, Crankshaft Machine Group (CMG) can provide engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and service for dedicated and flexible equipment for a variety of metal removal processes. Known throughout the world for precision, reliability and longevity, Crankshaft Machine Group continues to be an industry leader in quality, dependability and customer service. We also offer complete rebuild programs for our machines and for our competitor’s equipment as well.

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David Herman

Sales Manager
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Ken Mackenzie

Chief Engineering Manager
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Andy Kershaw

Broach Tooling Manager
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Jim Bartholomew

Grind Manager
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Gary Sanders

Service Manager
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Mike Eastman

Inspection & Shipping
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Rebecca Heyden

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